African Drumming 1

Angela Scharfenberger

African Drumming 1

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African Drumming 1 with Angela Scharfenberger

This class will meet in person at LFS - We are offering a maximum of four students the opportunity to meet in person, with the instructor, at our location in Clifton. All seats will be at least 6ft apart and everyone will be wearing masks at all times. A signed waiver is required to complete your registration.

African Drumming 1 is a fun, accessible class to learn the basics of West African music, focusing on Ghanaian drumming. Through the repetition of simple patterns, students will learn the basics of African rhythm, its structure and how different parts come together to create a polyrhythmic whole. We will learn drum parts for five rhythms, and discuss the social and cultural significance of music in Ghana. I draw on stories from my African music teachers and my studies in Africa.

African drums are provided. Students can use their own hand drums, but it is not necessary to buy one for this class. Instruments can be lent out between classes. 

No previous experience necessary. If you’ve played in drum circles and want to take that joy to the next level, this class is perfect. If you play a string instrument, this class will help to develop your timing, rhythm, understanding of crooked tunes and polyrhythm, and shed new ideas into your breaks. 

Students age 12 and up are welcome; younger students with musical experience may be considered.

Please email Angela with any questions: