Coed Pop Choir - Disco Hits

Charlie Walsh

Coed Pop Choir - Disco Hits

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Coed Pop Choir: ABBA Disco Hits with Charlie Walsh

In this class we will be singing songs from popular background in a group setting in mainly two part arrangements similar to Toronto, Canada’s “Choir! Choir! Choir!” and Portland, OR’s “Low Bar Chorale.” Student songs suggestions are encouraged and arrangements will be done as a group. 

We will perform as a choir leading a sing along at the end of the term. 

As an effort to promote a larger choir (more singers, more fun!), we are offering this class as a TWO for ONE enrollment! When you enroll in this class, you can bring a friend to sing with you each week - could be the same friend or could be someone different every week. 

For the winter session, the theme will be "Swedish Disco" and will draw from 70's and 80's hits that we all love to sing - particularly the ABBA catalog!

Students will learn:
● Singing in harmony
● Song arrangement for a choral setting
● Healthy vocal singing
● Vocal placement

You do not need to read music as parts will be taught aurally. Class is open to high school aged and above.