Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo

David Brooks

Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo

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This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.

There may be no better pairing that old-time fiddle and clawhammer banjo. And the truth is that there is nothing more fun than playing clawhammer banjo with a fiddler. This class will explore the core tunes and common keys used for fiddle tunes. Along the way, we will explore right-hand and left-hand techniques that will take your playing to a new level.

We may also explore the three most popular clawhammer banjo tunings:
 Open G (gDGBD) and A (aEAC#E or gDGBD with a capo)
 Sawmill in A modal (aEADE or gDGCD with a capo)
 Double-C (gCGCD) and D (aDADE or gCGCD with a capo)

Possible tunes include:
 Miss McLeod’s Reel (G)
 Booth Shot Lincoln (G)
 June Apple (A)
 Frosty Morning (Am)
 Liberty (D)
 Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)
 Fly Around Pretty Little Miss (D)
 Others suggested by the class

Tab will be provided along with step-by-step instruction. Where available, we will use YouTube videos as well.

Who Should Attend
The class welcomes experienced beginners as well as intermediate players, and tunes will be arranged to meet the needs and skills of each students. Students should have a basic right-hand clawhammer stroke and the ability to change chords easily in Open G tuning.

Open to everyone ages, 11 and up.