Electric Bass for Bluegrass and Country Music

Andy Brown

Electric Bass for Bluegrass and Country Music

$ 180.00

Electric Bass for Bluegrass and Country Music with Andy Tyler Brown

This class will meet online via Zoom - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.

This is a 8-week intensive course on the use of Electric Bass in Bluegrass and Country Music. Overall, we’ll cover:

  1. a review of basic technique such as fingering, fretting the major scale in closed position, muting with your fretting hand and so on. 
  2. The more advance concepts like theory around bass, walking bass lines, when to sustain notes, an overall understanding of “feel” and how that applies to a band or jam session.
  3. We’ll review the work of Scott Vestal, David Parmley, Tom Grey, Lou Reed amongst other notable electric bass players.
  4. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of playing electric over upright and how each have their rightful place and use within the genres. 
  5. An understanding of the Nashville Number system and how it applies to bass. 
  6. Proper technique in regards to finger placement for plucking and the variety of tones that can come from the instrument. 
  7. Dependent on class size, we’ll approach the weak points and curiosities of each student and incorporate those into the course. 

What people will need for the class:

  1. All the technology needed to properly do Zoom
  2. An electric bass (I’ll be using a four string)
  3. A small electric bass amp (or big, just turn it down your full stack)
  4. An instrument chord
  5. A note book and pen
  6. Liquid bandage (I promise, you’ll need it if you’re playing bass)