Intermediate Irish Fiddle - Hybrid

Tom Cunningham

Intermediate Irish Fiddle - Hybrid

$ 180.00

Intermediate Irish Fiddle with Tom Cunningham

This class has both in-person and online options that meet simultaneously. To meet on Zoom, select the online option and an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be included in the orientation email sent upon checkout.

Note: This class will begin one week later than our other Aug/Sept '21 classes.

Start exploring Irish Fiddle Tunes!

This is a class for students at an intermediate level, who want to begin to explore some Irish dance music. The tunes we will be working with are ones that are standard parts of the Irish repertoire, jigs, reels, and hornpipes.  

As we learn the tunes, we'll begin to understand some of the ornaments that Irish players use to make the tunes have a characteristic Cetic sound, particularly cuts, rolls, and bowed triplets. We'll also talk about bowing patterns used in Irish fiddling.

This is an intermediate class, for students who have completed our Fiddle 3 class, or can play several fiddle tunes at a moderate tempo. This class would also be appropriate for students who have experience playing classical violin and are interested in exploring folk traditions on their instruments.