Mbira 1

Angela Scharfenberger

Mbira 1

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Zimbabwean Mbira 1  with Angela Scharfenberger

We will learn to play the mbira nyunganyunga tradition. Instruments are provided on loan to students. These are handmade 'thumb pianos' from Zimbabwe. This instrument has a rich tradition of multilayered singing as well. The sound of the 15 key mbira is soothing and mesmerizing. Learning African rhythm and sensibility is great for developing your ear, hearing rhythm in new ways and building overall musicality. 

Students will learn:
  • six unique songs, including variations and songs, in the Shona language
  • polyrhythmic parts and understanding
  • Shona pronunciation
  • Cultural context of the instrument itself, Zimbabwe in post-colonail times, and the meaning of the songs

No previous experience necessary!
Please contact Angela with questions: angelascharf25@gmail.com