Old-Time Ensemble

Matt Brown

Old-Time Ensemble

$ 180.00

Old-Time String Band Ensemble with Matt Brown

This class will meet in person at Louisville Folk School.

In this class, we will concentrate on how bass, guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin can work together to support a fiddle tune or a song within the Southern Appalachian string band tradition. We will focus on the specific roles or “pockets” that each instrument fills, and then we will take a broader look at how all the instruments interact and support each other as a whole. We will make time to highlight individual instrumental techniques, but the focus of the class will be on creating a cohesive sound. We'll split our time between tunes and songs, and discuss how to best present traditional music to a modern audience.

Together we will:
  • Learn by ear 
  • Rehearse in a low-pressure, fun environment
  • Play/sing lead and in harmony
  • Hone arrangements of our favorite tunes and songs
  • Figure out how to think and act as a band