Mandolin Accompaniment and Chord  Workshop with Simon Dunson

Simon Dunson

Mandolin Accompaniment and Chord Workshop with Simon Dunson

$ 20.00

Mandolin Accompaniment & Chord Workshop with Simon Dunson

***In order to receive login instructions and any relevant handouts, please enroll at least 24 hours in advance for all workshops. There are limited virtual seats available in this class - we recommend enrolling early. ***

Students will learn:

  • How to do more than just chop! Using open chord shapes and integrating walking bass lines into your accompaniment to keep things fun, interesting, and really make sure you know the songs you play inside and out!
  • Chord melody and harmonization techniques for any songs you may know and love, regardless of genre.


  • We will use the song, Freight Train in the key of C as a tool to help work on the techniques mentioned above so familiarity with the song will be helpful but not entirely necessary.
  • Players of all levels are welcome and encouraged to enroll!

Students should have the following:

a mandolin!


Simon Dunson is a mandolin player who grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina immersed in Bluegrass playing with people like Andrew Marlin, Emily Frantz, Bobby Britt & Hank Smith. He then went on to study classical music as the first mandolin player admitted to Interlochen Center For the Arts and went on to be the first mandolin player to be accepted into New England Conservatories Jazz Department. Simon’s unique approach to mandolin and compositional voice gained him acceptance into Banff’s Workshop for Jazz and Creative Music as well as a write up in Rollingstone magazine for a recent collaboration with Roop Ghuman. Above all Simon values learning and having fun making music! 

“Simon has absorbed the world of jazz phrasing and feel so deeply, and transmits that sound so satisfyingly on the mandolin, with more joy and ease than I previously knew was possible. ” – Joe K. Walsh