Bluegrass and Folk Ensemble 2

Lance Minnis

Bluegrass and Folk Ensemble 2

$ 180.00

Bluegrass and Folk Ensemble with Lance Minnis

Playing music with a group can be one of the most rewarding pastimes ever for joy, fun, and companionship. It requires the ability to listen and bolster others as well as “leading”. This class is for people eager to improve their skills in playing and singing music in a group. Using Bluegrass, Americana, and other folk musics, students will broaden their range of knowledge across genres, and familiarize
themselves with song arrangement, leading songs in a group, and improvising in a group.

This will be a singing class, and all students will be asked to sing and lead songs. All folk, bluegrass, and old time instruments are welcomed and encouraged.

Participants will learn:
- the joy of singing and playing in a group
- the importance of rhythm and timing and techniques to improve
- ear training and listening. Sight reading and sheet music will not be used.
- techniques for singing while playing an instrument
- breathing and singing techniques
- simple accompaniment styles
- singing melody and harmony
- basics of song construction and theory
- an overview of American folk music and origins

Players who can transition easily between basic chords on their instrument, or who have completed an intermediate instrument course at the Folk School, or who have completed a Folk School ensemble/repertoire class in the past are encouraged to attend.