Bluegrass Jamming 2.0

Lance Minnis

Bluegrass Jamming 2.0

$ 180.00

Bluegrass Jamming 2.0 with Lance Minnis

You’ve been coming to beginner jams for a while, and maybe learned some improv on your instrument, and you’re ready to make the step up to more comfort and confidence and improved playing in a jam.

Maybe that means learning how to backup a fiddle tune on your instrument, or how to improve your vocal performance while making sure to arrange the song you call correctly so that everyone gets a break, or maybe it’s learning your instrument better so you can take better breaks. This class is for you!

In this class we will deep dive into several instructor selected songs and tunes in order to:
1. Better understand how typical jamming songs and tunes are constructed
2. Learn to use that knowledge for better solo playing and arrangement of songs
3. Learn how to project our voices to be heard in a loud jam
4. Learn how to gauge a room of jammers, arrange a song, and choose break players for maximum effect
5. Learn how to play tunes, and back them up when someone else plays one

ALL common stringed folk instruments (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, banjo, dulcimer) are encouraged and welcome.

Students are strongly recommended to have completed a previous jamming class (Wernick method, Bluegrass repertoire) or improvisation class/advanced instrument class at the Folk School.

Class will use the basic numbering system and aural learning. Students will be asked to have a tuner, spare strings appropriate for their instrument, a writing implement, and recording device.