Intro to Jazz Mandolin

Simon Dunson

Intro to Jazz Mandolin

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Intro to Jazz Mandolin with Simon Dunson

This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.


- Introduce the world of jazz music and how to apply it to the mandolin.

Students will learn...

- About the history and evolution of jazz (and how bluegrass and jazz share much
of the same source material!)
- Familiarity with some of the standard repertoire
- Common chord progressions and conventions of the genre
- Highlight influential artists and their contributions
- How to be productive and efficient (Bang for your buck!) in your own practice

- Chord shapes and inversions
- How to solo over jazz harmony (and how to simplify things when there may be
lots of chords!)
- Practice and study of transcriptions (and what that means!)
- Concepts for approaching Chord Melody style playing (which will bring up
different harmonization and accompaniment techniques)

- Ask questions!
- Try to make it to most of the meetings (although we may be able to work out an
alternate time to meet briefly to recap and answer any questions you may have
on the materials and concepts covered that week)
- Practice! (Every day even if just for a few minutes will be more effective than
longer chunks of time a few days a week. But there are no requirements as
everyone learns differently and has varying amounts of free time!)
- This course will most likely give you tons and tons of stuff to learn and practice
and it is not with the intention to overwhelm you but rather to try to cover lots of
material and offer a well-rounded introduction to many important concepts. I will
give you a good number of handouts so you can keep working on them as long
as you like, as 8 weeks is a short amount of time to internalize new concepts.

- Have a good grasp on playing through songs and chords (whether bluegrass,
Irish, classical, or any genre you love!)
- The topics covered in this class will be rather advanced but anyone excited to
learn more about mandolin, music theory, harmony and jazz should get a lot out
of this course.
- The handouts will have tab and standard notation but some familiarity with
reading music would be great. (I will ask everyone at the first meeting and we
can see if people would like to designate some time during the course to reading
music) Although in your own practice I think learning by ear is the best way.

If learning jazz on mandolin sounds fun to you then jump right in and don’t
worry about “I’m a beginner,” “I’m not good enough” or “That sounds