Bass for Beginners

Andy Brown

Bass for Beginners

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Traditional Bass for Beginners with Andy Tyler Brown

This class will meet online via Zoom - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.

The class goal is to make individuals the BEST bass players they can be.... going over basic techniques from physically holding the bass through how to gain tone and time. We will define what the job of the bass player is for the most part and then cover some fun stuff on melodies, solos, and more.

Whether you are just getting started on bass or have been playing for a while, you will learn:

1.) Basic understanding of bass in a traditional music setting

2.) How to play in the keys of G, C, D, A, E, Bb, and B

3.) Be able to play in both ¾ and 4/4 time signatures

4.) A small repertoire of tunes that can be used in jams or bands

5.) An understanding of basic charts

6.) A love for bass and the option of moving on to more advanced study in the instrument

Prereq: Must have a bass of any kind. Also, definitely have a notebook.