Guitar 4

Blakeley Burger

Guitar 4

$ 180.00

Guitar 4 with Blakeley Burger 

This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be included in the orientation email sent upon checkout

Throughout Guitar 4, we will build on early-intermediate knowledge and skill as we dig further into foundational music theory by recreating interesting melodic lines, engaging with complex strum patterns, and shifting chord shapes around the neck. Expect to have mastered several songs including old, cherished classics, and even some modern toe-tappers.

Students will learn:

  • Assorted strum patterns
  • Chordal theory/moving chords shapes around the neck
  • Flat picking technique
  • Basic finger-picking exercises 
  • 5-10 chorded songs mastered by the end of the session
  • 2-4 Flatpicking melodies mastered by the end of the session

This class requires a solid foundation of beginner/intermediate guitar skills -- Guitar 3 is suggested as a prerequisite, or the equivalent knowledge of tuning, basic chords (I, IV, V in all open position keys), various strum patterns, and the ability to read basic tablature.