Music Theory for Mandolin

Simon Dunson

Music Theory for Mandolin

$ 180.00

Music Theory For Mandolin with Simon Dunson

This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be included in the orientation email sent upon checkout.

Course Overview: 

Having some understanding of music theory is a great way to write better songs, play better solos, come up with better arrangements and understand “what is going on and why it works” in a given song. 


In this course, topics will include:

  • chord construction,
  • reading music,
  • dominant and tonic relationship,
  • chord function,
  • voice leading,
  • secondary dominants,
  • coming up with harmony parts,
  • different ways of approaching harmonization,
  • chord extensions,
  • suspensions 

We will often use songs from bluegrass and folk music to help demonstrate concepts in a way that is familiar and applicable.  All handouts will be in tabs & standard notation, except ones to practice reading music.

This course will be great for all skill levels. We will start out basic and work into more complex things as the course goes on. 

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to enroll! 

Expectations: All you need is a mandolin and to be excited to learn!