Rick Quisol


$ 180.00

Ukulele 3 with Rick Quisol

You’ve learned the basics and want to add some polish to your ukulele playing. In this intermediate course you’ll sharpen your skills and increase the fun you’ll have playing this popular instrument.

Ukulele 3 is for students who want to develop their technique and expand their knowledge of chords and strumming patterns.

This course will show how to:

  • Learn how to read tablature and patterns for accompaniment  
  • Play moveable chords
  • Develop strum patterns for accompaniment
  • Learn 4­-5 intermediate/advanced level songs and be on your way to becoming an accomplished ukulele player!

Open to all, ages 12 through Adult

Ukulele 3 is the follow-up class to Ukulele 2. This class is designed for players who have completed Ukulele 2 or those with advanced Ukulele experience. 

In addition to improving your ukulele playing techniques, you’ll learn about music making fundamentals like performing as a soloist and as an accompanist. Being part of a class enables students to experience what it’s like to be part of a music ensemble. By the end of eight weeks’ you’ll have learned 4-5 new tunes and you’ll be ready to showcase them in local jams or performances.