Classic Country and Honky Tonk Repertoire

Bobby Winstead

Classic Country and Honky Tonk Repertoire

$ 180.00

Classic Country/Honky Tonk Repertoire Class with Bobby Winstead 

This class will meet online. You will receive a link to a recurring Zoom meeting in the orientation email upon registering for the class. 

In this honky tonk repertoire class you will learn classic country songs and
get the chance to practice singing them confidently. You will learn about
choosing a song appropriate for your voice, get practice playing songs in a group
setting, hone your singing chops, and gain experience leading a song.

Assistance with self-accompaniment on guitar and guidance for arranging the
song are also provided. This is also a chance to discover some classic country
artists students may not be familiar with, and come away with a short list of
songs you’ll feel confident singing from now on.

Students will have the opportunity to learn—

  • songs from the classic country era (approx. 1940s to early 1960s)
  • things to consider when choosing a song
  • finding the right key for your voice
  • basic song arrangement for a solo performance or band setting
  • ettiquette in a song jam setting
  • how to put together a short, varied set list

Students will receive assistance with—

  • memorization and practice habits
  • vocal warmups and healthy singing
  • Rhythm guitar chords and self-accompaniment
  • leading the song in a jam or band setting
  • performance goals

Students are encouraged to—

  • Attend class all eight weeks and arrive on time each week
  • Allow for 15-20 minutes of focused practice at home, daily
  • Bring a notebook or recording device to class to use as a practice tool
  • Listen to any recommended recordings given by the instructor
  • Seek out songs they are interested in and inspired by

Students should have some singing experience and the ability to learn to sing a song in tune. Playing an instrument is not necessary, however guitar players are
encouraged and will benefit from guidance with self-accompaniment and leading
a song in a group setting. Other instruments are welcome provided the student
feels comfortable playing country music in various keys.