African Drumming 2

Angela Scharfenberger

African Drumming 2

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African Drumming 2 with Angela Scharfenberger

In African Drumming 2, we will build on the knowledge base developed in African Drumming 1. We will further explore polyrhythm, adding new rhythms with more complex drumming patterns. We will also dive deeper into understanding the music in cultural context.

The primary focus of this level 2 class will be learning the basics of soloing and breaks in an African drum ensemble. Through the teaching of repetitive advanced lead parts, students will begin to develop an ear for playing polyrhythmic breaks and how to improvise within the tradition. Angela draws on 25 years of experience learning from and performing beside master drummers.

Class will culminate in a final group performance.

Prerequisite: African Drumming 1.

Please email Angela with any questions about this class: