African Singing

Angela Scharfenberger

African Singing

$ 180.00

African Singing with Angela Scharfenberger

This class is an introduction to some of the joyful, rich songs from West and Southern Africa. We will learn at least 15 traditional songs - songs that I've learned through 20 years of study with African musicians, primarily from Ghana and Zimbabwe.
In class we will:
  • Learn basics of African language pronunciation
  • Learn melody and harmony parts for each song
  • Refine the beautifully simple art of call and response
  • Each student will learn several singing leads
  • Learn to hear how songs fit with the rhythmic timelines of African traditions 
  • Learn the meaning and the cultural/historical context of the song
  • Learn basic instrumental parts, including percussion (shakers, bells, drums), gourds, and thumb piano
  • Learn several songs from an exclusively women's tradition
All songs taught by oral tradition, no sheet music used, just lyric sheets.

This is an excellent class for K-12 music teachers, to build African songs into their repertoire. Also a great opportunity to hear and experience the African roots of American folk traditions!

Open to students 12 and over.  Past harmony singing experience a plus, but not necessary! 

Please email Angela with any questions about this class: