Angel Band: Gospel Repertoire

Lance Minnis

Angel Band: Gospel Repertoire

$ 180.00

Join the Angel Band: Bluegrass gospel songs, with Lance Minnis

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This class aims to familiarize students with a broad range of common bluegrass and old time gospel songs, as well as song arrangement, and how to lead these songs in a jam. This class will focus on sung songs, not instrumental tunes. All singers and singers with folk instruments are welcome.

Students will learn a repertoire of awesome bluegrass and old time gospel songs. Class will focus on singing melodies, basic harmonies, chords and chord structure on bluegrass instruments, and arrangement including where to place verse, chorus, breaks, intros and turnaround, keys and tempo, and more.


  • Basic Aural Skills 
  • What is melody? What is harmony?
  • Basic music theory including chords
  • Basic singing technique including breathing, support and proper tone and projection tools
  • Basic song arrangement


  • a repertoire of 12-16 gospel songs
  • some of the folk stylings and tropes of bluegrass and oldtime music
  • waltz time and standard time
  • a basic understanding of the music’s history
  • how to arrange a song on the fly at a jam
  • how to lead a song using verbal and nonverbal cues


By recital/open house time, each student has learned a repertoire of songs they can perform together or alone, has an introduction to jam etiquette, and can lead a song in a jam


  • ability to sing a melody line
  • for singer/instrumentalists: ability to play basic chords and keep time on your stringed instrument, and ability to sing and play instrument concurrently