Autoharp 1

Andy Brown

Autoharp 1

$ 180.00

Autoharp 1- Introduction to Autoharp with Andy Brown

This course will give the basic skills necessary to play and understand the autoharp as both a solo instrument and as an accompanying instrument in an ensemble.

In class we will:

  • Talk about tuning and how to hold the instrument
  • How to comfortably wear picks and their role in autoharp
  • Basic rhythms used across common repertoire
  • How to pick out the basic melodies by using the chord buttons
  • How to play in 4/4 and ¾ time signatures
  • Tunes for the class will include: Wildwood Flower, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Sunny Side of Life, My Dixie Darling, I Never Will Marry (¾) and others if time will allow
  • What the Autoharp can bring to a string band

Make sure to bring a folder, two finger picks, a thumb pick, a tuned up Autoharp (we will go over it in the first class) and a great attitude.

This class is great for people looking for a true introduction autoharp and this aspect of traditional American music.  Beginners and experienced musicians are welcomed.