Ballads and Songs of the British Isles

Lance Minnis

Ballads and Songs of the British Isles

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Ballads and Songs of the British Isles with Lance Minnis

This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be included in the orientation email sent upon checkout

Ballads and songs of the Isles…Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, and the borderlands between….have had an outsize influence on popular music across the globe, especially in North America. These songs are primarily SINGING songs, even when accompanied by extraordinary instrumental music.

In this weekly group class, learn a repertoire of ballads and songs from current masters of the art as well as from classic performers. We will discuss the background of singing in the Isles, some of the crossover histories and cultures that give rise to them, and learn about some current performers. Mostly, we’ll SING! Together with the instructor, and solo voice.

We will use recordings, books, videos, and supplemental materials supplied by the instructor to delve deep into a selection of ballads and songs, learning, singing, and talking about them.

 What you will learn: 

  •     How to sing a selection of ballads and songs
  •     Basic music theory and singing styles as related to the repertoire presented
  •     Common themes of ballads and the cultures they come from
  •     Classic performers and current popular ones like Paul Brady, Shirley Collins, Ye Vagabonds, etc.

Instruments are very welcome, though not the focus of the class.

To get the most from this class, you should expect to spend three hours per week listening and singing to the material presented in the previous class.


Basic ability to sing, recognize and keep pitch and time. This is a singing class, and instruction will be primarily through aural learning. Students will be expected to sing along with the instructor, and to sing solo for the group.