Fingerstyle Guitar

Andrew Rhinehart

Fingerstyle Guitar

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Fingerstyle Guitar with Andrew Rhinehart 

Fingerstyle guitar is a technique of plucking the strings of the guitar with the fingertips and/or fingernails of the right hand. Examples of this style can be found in blues, jazz, gospel, country, and several regional folk styles. This beginning fingerstyle guitar course is a general survey of right hand guitar techniques that can be widely used as an alternative to playing with a flat pick. This course aims to provide students with a right hand foundation on which to build an outstanding guitar style.

Students will learn:

  • various fingerpicking patterns and exercises
  • how to accompany songs
  • how to create your own fingerstyle patterns
  • how to integrate fingerpicking into various musical situations

Whether you’re interested in learning to accompany songs or performing solo on your guitar, put down your picks and come join us for this comprehensive beginning fingerstyle guitar course.

Prerequisites for this course:

Before starting this course student should know:

1) Open position chords and barre chord.

2) How to read tablature and/or music notation

3) Be familiar with rhythmic notation