Beginning Improvisation

Tom Cunningham

Beginning Improvisation

$ 180.00

Beginning Improvisation for Guitar, Mandolin, and Fiddle - with Tom Cunningham

Beginning improvisation for guitar, mandolin and fiddle 

This class will help get you started on soloing and improvising in a bluegrass or folk-style jam situation. Using songs that are commonly found in local jam sessions, we will examine techniques for soloing, fills, and working with singers. 

We will learn: 

  • riffs that we can use to build solos and fills
  • how to embellish melodies
  • how to help our instrument fit in while playing with others

Beginning improvisation is intended for guitar, mandolin and fiddle players who have completed a level 3 class at the folk school or can play several tunes or songs at moderate speed, or can play some basic scales on their instrument.