Brother Duets Repertoire

Bobby Winstead

Brother Duets Repertoire

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Brother Duets Repertoire Class with Bobby Winstead 

In this class we will learn songs in 2-part harmony, emulating the great brother duets that were so popular in the 30s, 40s, and early 50s.  Groups such as the Delmore Brothers, Louvin Brothers, Stanley Brothers, and Everly Brothers to name a few.  We'll break down the two parts of each song, and you can learn your part with the support of other singers alongside you, and become more familiar with many of these great duets.

Women are also welcome and encouraged to enroll!  We would love to have your voices in this class.

    Students will receive assistance with—

    • memorization and practice habits
    • vocal warmups and healthy singing
    • performance goals

    Students are encouraged to—

    • Attend class all eight weeks and arrive on time each week
    • Allow for 15-20 minutes of focused practice at home, daily
    • Bring a notebook or recording device to class to use as a practice tool
    • Listen to any recommended recordings given by the instructor
    • Seek out songs they are interested in and inspired by

    Open to all voice types, no instrument necessary, but stringed instruments are also welcome.  Bring a guitar or banjo to pick, a mandolin or fiddle to play an instrumental break, or even a bass!  Looking forward to singing duets with you.