Classic Bluegrass Repertoire

Lance Minnis

Classic Bluegrass Repertoire

$ 180.00

Classic Bluegrass Repertoire with Lance Minnis

This class will meet online - the instructor will send an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting in advance of the first class meeting. As such, this will be a repertoire class using call and response and not an ensemble. 

You’ve loved Nickel Creek and John Prine since forever, and you’re tantalized by that echo of something older, more visceral, and wilder from the hills that ring in their music. You’ve gone to a festival or two and know your way around bluegrass, but there’s always that one group of pickers OVER THERE that seem to really know where the music comes from, and you want to know too. Well, this class is for you!

Join instructor Lance Minnis for an 8-week dive into the origins of bluegrass music, from the mouths and fingers of the genre's creators, and a curated repertoire of their best songs. Additionally, we’ll take some time to talk about where it came from, the influences that shaped it, and how it has become “traditional.”

Who this class is for:

  1. Singers who play a bluegrass instrument- guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandolin, dobro
  2. Singers

Students should be prepared to SING. In its origins, Bluegrass is vocal music, and all songs learned will be vocal songs, no tunes, though students who accompany themselves on an instrument are VERY welcome. 

Students will be prepared with a notebook, a writing instrument, a solid internet connection, an email address checked regularly, and a distraction-free environment. Before class, students should be warmed up and have instruments tuned and ready. 

The instructor will provide weekly links to the Zoom class, links to YouTube performances of the songs in the class, lyric and chord sheets, and handouts on history and context, all of which will be emailed to the students.

Students will learn the rudiments of singing prep and developing an authentic folk voice, phrasing and arranging these songs, a repertoire of ballads and songs, a basic understanding of bluegrass history, and how it affects and informs the music and the interactions between bluegrass and popular music today.