Clawhammer Banjo 2

David Brooks

Clawhammer Banjo 2

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CLAWHAMMER BANJO 2: with David Brooks

Course Objectives
With roots in Africa as well the American South, clawhammer style banjo combines rhythm and melody to create a sound perfect for the back porch or for playing in a string band. This class is intended for those students who have reached the point in their banjo journey where they wish to build on their foundational skills. This course will help the student expand their skills, learn new tunes and explore an additional tuning or two.

New or improved skills may include:
 Hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides
 Open-string pull-offs
 Drop thumb
 Syncopated licks
 Playing melody and chords up the neck

New tunings may include:
 Double C and D: Angeline a Baker, Soldier’s Joy, Over the Waterfall, etc.
 Sawmill: Shady Grove, Frosty Morning, Wayfaring Stranger, etc.

Who Should Attend
This course will teach both repertoire and technique and is intended for both experienced beginners and intermediate students looking to refresh their skills. Students should have a basic right-hand clawhammer stroke and the ability to change chords easily in Open G tuning.

Open to everyone ages, 11 and up.