Clawhammer Banjo 3

David Brooks

Clawhammer Banjo 3

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CLAWHAMMER BANJO 3 with David Brooks

This group class meets on six Tuesdays beginning May 30 (skipping June 20 and July 4).

Course Objectives

This class continues the clawhammer banjo journey in Clawhammer 1 and Clawhammer 2. We will explore new tunes and, perhaps, revisit old tunes to learn new skills and deepen our understanding of clawhammer banjo. Recent tunes by Rhiannon Giddens, Riley Baugus, and others suggested by the class may also be included.

Skills we will hone:

  • Dressing up tunes using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides
  • Adding syncopation to your playing
  • Playing melody and chords up the neck
  • Playing waltzes and jigs

Tunings will include:

  • G tuning for keys of G and A (with a capo): Kitchen Girl, Miss McLeod’s Reel, etc.
  • Double C and D: Rock the Cradle, Joe, Forked Deer, etc.
  • Sawmill: Wayfaring Stranger, Clinch Mountain Backstep, etc.

Who Should Attend
This course will teach repertoire and technique and is intended for intermediate students looking to polish their skills. Students should have a strong right-hand clawhammer stroke and experience playing in Open G, Double C, Double D, and Sawmill tunings.

Open to everyone ages 11 and up.