Clawhammer Banjo: Beyond the Basics

David Brooks

Clawhammer Banjo: Beyond the Basics

$ 180.00

Clawhammer Banjo: Beyond the Basics with David Brooks


Course Objectives

This course is intended for beginner and intermediate clawhammer banjo players who have mastered the basics and learned a few tunes but who want to take their playing to the next level. We will explore how to enhance your melodic clawhammer playing by adding:

  • Hammer-on
  • Pull-off
  • Drop thumb
  • More efficient fretting patterns, etc.

We will start with basic versions of tunes, such as “Liberty,” “Soldier’s Joy,” “June Apple,” and others and create arrangements with more interesting phrasing and rhythms. Students can suggest their own tunes to work on in the class as well.

Based on the experience and wishes of the class, we will work in tunes in the three most common tunings:  open G, double-C, and sawmill. Tabs will be provided to support practice outside of class time.


This class is suited to experienced beginner and intermediate students.  Students should:

  • Be able to play a clawhammer stroke with a steady rhythm (speed is not necessary)
  • Know the major chords in G tuning (G, C, D7)
  • Be able to switch chords smoothly

Open to everyone ages, 11 and up.