Fiddle Intermediate Improvisation

Tom Cunningham

Fiddle Intermediate Improvisation

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Fiddle Intermediate Improvisation with Tom Cunningham

For those who wish to learn more about improvising in a bluegrass or folk-style jam situation. Using as examples songs that are commonly found in local jam sessions, we will continue to examine techniques for soloing, fills, playing back-up and working with singers. We will learn riffs that we can use to build solos and fills, and how to help the fiddle fit in while playing with others. Ear training is an important part of improvisation, so we will learn to identify chord changes and tricks used by other improvisors to construct musical passages.

For those who have completed our Fiddle 3 class, or can play several fiddle tunes at moderate to up-tempo speeds, and those who have studied violin and want to learn to apply what they know to working with bluegrass and folk musicians.