Gram Parsons Repertoire

Andy Brown

Gram Parsons Repertoire

$ 180.00

Graham Parsons - The Big “Hits” with Andy Tyler Brown

Love Bluegrass? Love Country? Love those standards that seem to be covered by everyone from the Grateful Dead, the Hackensaw Boys, Old and In The Way, Emmylou Harris and so on? Well you probably didn’t realize how many of those songs came out of the short career of Gram Parsons. This singer-songwriter not only had a promising solo career but also was a key member in multiple bands of his era (the International Submarine Band, The Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers).  

In this course we will:

  • Cover songs that stretch his whole career including: “I Must’ve Been Someone Else You’ve Known, Sin City, You Aint Goin No Where, Hickory Wind, Devil In Disguise and Love Hurt
  • Work on playing in a jam with these tunes
  • Playing these songs on multiple instruments (if student ability is there)
  • soloing/improvising over the forms of each song
  • Singing in front of others and with each other
  • The history of the songs
  • The Overall history of Gram Parsons

Bring an instrument that you’re proficient on, a basic understanding of the Nashville Number system (if you don’t no biggy, I’ll leave a link), a folder for papers and a great attitude.

Number System video: