Grateful Dead Guitar

Ken Allday

Grateful Dead Guitar

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Grateful Dead Guitar with Ken Allday

In this course, we will break down a selection of songs by the Grateful Dead on the guitar. The Dead explored many styles of music throughout their long, strange trip, ranging from blues, bluegrass, rock, jazz, to experimental music.

This course will not be an analysis of the 2-hour ‘Drums + Space’ live from the Fillmore...

We will instead be taking a look at more traditionally structured Dead songs like “Black Muddy River” as well as some of Jerry’s folk song contributions like “Shady Grove” and “Dark Hollow.”

We will have two main objectives with each song we dig into.

Harmony (Rhythm guitar): 

  • Learn the chords and form
  • Learn various ways to accompany a vocalist/soloist 

Lead Guitar:

  • Draw from each song the Iconic Jerry Garcia “licks” that are a must-know
  • Discuss how those “licks” are jump-off points for improvisation

Some guitar experience will be required to fully enjoy this course:

  • If you can play a barre chord and have some facility with single-note picking, you should be comfortable. 
  • We will be using chord charts and tabs. 
  • This course is for acoustic and electric players. 

This is an adult class open to students aged 13 and up.