Grateful Dead Repertoire - Hybrid

Chris Rodahaffer

Grateful Dead Repertoire - Hybrid

$ 180.00

Grateful Dead Repertoire with Chris Rodahaffer

This class has both online and in-person sections. Please choose whether you want to join this class in the classroom or virtually via zoom using the options above.

This course is for those who are interested in learning songs from the Grateful Dead repertoire, with the goal of adding some fun songs to your list of campfire or jam session favorites. This class aims to familiarize students with several Grateful Dead songs, as well as song arrangement, and how to lead these songs in a jam. 

With early influences ranging from bluegrass music, jug bands, and blues, the Grateful Dead combined early folk and Americana repertoire with the epic songwriting of Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia and unparalleled improvisation to become one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Many of the original and traditional songs made popular by the Grateful Dead have been covered by bluegrass bands including Seldom Scene, Billy Strings, Jesse McReynolds, Watkins Family Hour, Dale Ann Bradley, and many more. While the Grateful Dead's catalog of songs is extensive and some selections include complicated arrangements, in this class we will focus on some of the popular original songs and other folk songs from the Dead's repertoire that can more easily work well in a jam setting.

Students will learn:

  • a repertoire of 5-10 songs including chord progressions, lyrics, and basic arrangement
  • The history and importance of aural learning tradition
  • Basic music theory including chords
  • Basic song arrangement including where to place verse, chorus, breaks, intros and turnaround, keys and tempo
  • Jamming and performing basics
Class Goal: 
  • each student has learned a repertoire of songs they can perform together or alone 

This class will be taught on guitar, but other string instruments are welcome.


  •  ability to play basic chords and keep time on your stringed instrument, and ability to sing and play instrument concurrently