Improvisation for Mandolin and Fiddle

Tom Cunningham

Improvisation for Mandolin and Fiddle

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Improvisation for Mandolin and Fiddle with Tom Cunningham

This class will meet online - an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor in advance of the first class meeting.
We'll learn specific techniques to help expand our improvisatory 'bag of tricks', focusing on both developing solos by expanding the melodies and learning to play over chord changes. Using common bluegrass and folk songs as our base, we'll practice these techniques in a setting that will help us put the techniques into actual practice.

There will be discussion and exercises addressing the role of scales and arpeggios in improvisation. We'll look at actual riffs we can use in improvising over chord changes and discuss kick-offs and finishes that will give our solos a polished sound.

Students will get rhythm tracks to play along with so they can practice the techniques learned in the class.

This is an intermediate to advanced class for mandolin and fiddle players who can play some scales or can play a few fiddle tunes at a moderate tempo.