Irish Pub Songs

Lance Minnis

Irish Pub Songs

$ 180.00

Irish Pub Song Repertoire Class with Lance Minnis

This eight week class is perfect for anyone who wants to add new repertoire and techniques to their singing, or just to sing your heart out!

The Clancy Brothers, along with Tommy Makem and related groups, were the premier acts from Ireland in the Folk revival of the 50’s-70’s. They reacquainted Americans to their Irish heritage and the folk music, and its roots, from which so much American folk music originated. Learn pub songs, rebel songs, and perhaps some traditional ballads, as well as some related forms tied to American music, to sing around the fire or at St Patrick’s Day! 

Open to all singers and to instrumentalists who would like to learn the material on their instrument. Chord charts will be provided to all songs -- instrumentalists must be comfortable playing in time and switching between first position chords.