Just Folk: Oral Story Telling for All

Regan Wann

Just Folk: Oral Story Telling for All

$ 180.00

Just Folk: Oral Storytelling for All with Regan Wann

This is an introductory class on folk storytelling traditions, folklore, and an exploration of the cultural "work" done by storytelling.  Students will experience studying the tropes and traditions of folk tales, listen to tellers, and tell tales themselves.  This class is great for beginners and experienced tellers alike.  
This course will be highly interactive and we will be actively engaging with one another as well as using our minds and voices.  Willingness to improvise in the moment, offer and receive supportive criticism, and push your creativity, potentially beyond your comfort zone, will be part of the experience.  We will be interacting with history, personal stories, and fiction in this course. 

Prerequisites: No prerequisites, anyone interested in storytelling is welcome.

Recommended: Paper and writing utensil and possibly also a device/app on which you can record yourself to each class meeting.

Age: Ages 16 and above, please.  Some mature content may be discussed.      

Instructor: Regan Wann can be reached at (502) 523-2515 or by email  if you have additional questions about the course itself.