Clawhammer Banjo - Kentucky Tunes

Carla Gover

Clawhammer Banjo - Kentucky Tunes

$ 180.00

Kentucky Banjo Tunes with Carla Gover

This class will focus on the banjo/fiddle tunes of East Kentucky. We’ll explore some of the most popular jam tunes from the mountains, as well as some songs in modal tunings. We will also learn a few songs that can be sung with the banjo. 

This class emphasizes learning by ear, so we will not be working from tab or written music. Instead, we’ll stretch our brains to learn in the good old-fashioned way, focusing on soulfulness and feel rather than perfection. 

This class will be best for intermediate students and up, although ambitious advanced beginners are welcome to join in. 

We will explore:

-clawhammer/overhand style

-drop-thumb techniques

-modal tunings (G modal, C modal, and possibly others)