Kpanlogo: Ghanaian Drums and Songs

Angela Scharfenberger

Kpanlogo: Ghanaian Drums and Songs

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Kpanlogo: Ghanaian Drums and Songs WITH ANGELA SCHARFENBERGER

This class meets at Peterson Dumesnil House at 301 S Peterson Ave, Louisville, KY. Enrollment is limited and advanced registration is required. 

"Want to Kpanlogo?" This class builds on one of the most iconic rhythms from Ghana. It is complex and simple, so this class is appropriate for both continuing advanced students as well as beginners.  We will work on a few songs, singing in the most common language in Ghana, Twi/ Akan.  I will share stories and media from my time in Ghana, and will have resources for you to watch and read outside of class.

We will also take a deep dive into the supporting drum parts, as well as the lead parts of Kpanlogo. Kpanlogo also has an important component of improvising for dance, and we will work on that as well, and build on drum techniques and improving our sounds and flow. 

African drums can be borrowed between classes.
No experience necessary.
Please email me with any questions: