My Pet Song: On the Sunny Side of the Street

Thomas Deakin

My Pet Song: On the Sunny Side of the Street

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My Pet Song with Thomas Deakin

This class meets in-person at Louisville Folk School.

Do you ever feel like you might "know" a tune, but you don't really know it like you want to?  Maybe you've been playing with friends and the tunes seem to go by a little too quickly?  Or you're just about to figure out what's going on, and that's when the song comes to an end?  We've all felt this way, but how do we get past it? 

This is a course for people looking for how to listen to a song and figure out just what the heck is going on.  By learning every nook and cranny of the classic jazz standard On the Sunny Side of the Street, we will learn how to listen to music "from the bottom up", identifying common chord changes, substitutions, and alterations that we have all heard our whole lives, but maybe don't have a concept for just yet. 

This course will provide ample time to simplify, complify, dismantle and remantle one single tune until you actually know it inside out and come away with a process to thoroughly learn any other tune you might like.

Primarily geared towards people who've been playing for a bit and feel familiar with their instruments, but all who are interested are welcome. This class is open to all musicians/instruments, especially singers. 

Ages 12 and up.