Old-time Band Ensemble with Deborah Payne

Deborah Payne

Old-time Band Ensemble with Deborah Payne

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"Join the Band" with Deborah Payne

Deborah's Old Time Band Ensemble will meet in person at Louisville Folk School on eight Wednesdays at 6:00 pm ET beginning August 10. Masks may be required pending local Covid rates.  

Once you've mastered a few tunes, explore the techniques of playing those tunes with other musicians. Playing in a band allows the musician to listen to others while carrying their own tune or rhythm. We will explore different types of traditional band formations, including ones for folk dances, stage performances, or just playing in a jam session. 
For the intermediate musician prepared to play tunes at different tempos. All types of instruments are welcome - if you don't see your instrument in the options above, please send us a message to discuss options 
In this class you will learn:
  • the fundamentals of communication with bandmates,
  • how to kick off and end a tune,
  • techniques in arranging music,
  • how to feature a musician, and 
  • common jam session etiquette. 
By the end of the session, you will be able to confidently play up to 5 tunes in a band with other musicians. 
Open to ages 12 and up. 
Deborah Payne is a fiddler raised with the influences of traditional Appalachian music. She carries many years of teaching music with experience playing in old time, bluegrass, and folk dance bands.