Sea Shanty Singing Workshop with Lance Minnis

Lance Minnis

Sea Shanty Singing Workshop with Lance Minnis

$ 20.00

Sea Shanty Singing Workshop with Lance Minnis

***In order to receive login instructions and any relevant handouts, please enroll at least 24 hours in advance for all workshops. There are limited virtual seats available in this class - we recommend enrolling early. ***

Sea chanteys have burst across the American consciousness in recent weeks with the viral success of “Wellerman”, however, this living art form is as old as sailing itself. Join Instructor Lance Minnis for this workshop about the history and background of this form of social singing, to learn a brief repertoire of “classic” chanteys and forebitters (songs sung for shipboard entertainment), and for resources on learning more. Join the crew of “USS Jack Salt”, and don’t forget to bring your hard weather gear!

Students will learn

  • Origins of chanteys and chantey singing
  • Regions of the world where in use
  • Receive materials and media for several "classic" chanteys
  • Learn and sing 3-5 chanteys and forebitters
  • Receive materials for further research by the student if they choose to continue
  • How fun it is to sing as a massive "crew" of chantey singers!

This workshop is “a capella” and requires no instruments or hardware but a connection to the internet and your voice. The instructor will provide all materials required for the class, including lyric sheets, video links, resource bibliographies, and recordings.

Lance Minnis Bio:

Lance Minnis is a singer and multi-instrumentalist living in Kentucky. Since securing a place in Kentucky’s All-State Choir, he has been entranced by the power of the human voice to stir emotion and action. For nearly twenty years, Lance has performed sea chanteys, maritime music, and historical and modern ballads and pub songs from the British, Irish, Scottish, and American traditions under the moniker “Jack Salt” as well as his own name. Performing at festivals and events from Massachusetts to Florida and Illinois, he uses his researched knowledge and living history experience to inform the music he performs. Lance is featured in the upcoming film “Songs of a Midwinter's Night” for historic Musee de Venoge, and hosts singing circles and live sessions via Zoom and Facebook Live.

In addition to sea chanteys and maritime songs, Lance enjoys Bluegrass guitar and singing, learning Old Time fiddle, and playing drums in local rock bands.