Singing with the Band! Ensemble

Julia Purcell

Singing with the Band! Ensemble

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Singing with the Band! Ensemble with Julia Purcell 

Singing with the Band Ensemble will meet in person at Louisville Folk School.

Are you ready to take your singing and playing to a more collaborative place? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in a band? In this 8-week class, we will work up a handful of traditional songs as a large ensemble and eventually break up into smaller ensembles, 3-4 person bands.

We will cover concepts including:

  • how to kick off a song,
  • how to use non-verbal cues to communicate with band members,
  • how to arrange a song to include breaks,
  • how to end a song,
  • and many other important elements of successfully playing with others.

This course is designed for those who feel moderately comfortable
accompanying themselves while singing. Instruments can include;
mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, fiddle, and ukulele. 12 spots open.

Open to ages 15 and up