The Singing Circle

Lance Minnis

The Singing Circle

$ 160.00

The Singing Circle with Lance Minnis

Experience the joy of singing and sharing your favorite songs in an old time singing circle! This class is for anyone who enjoys singing and wants to sing in a group and share in a group. Each week the class with gather in a circle and sing informally, passing songs around. The instructor will bring one or more songs per week to share and teach, and students will be encouraged to bring a song to share with the group each week. This is an a cappella class, with no accompanying instruments. Prior experience singing is encouraged.

Participants will learn:
- confidence in singing in a group
- a new repertoire of songs
- basic harmony
- ear training (no sheet music or sight reading of music will be used)
- basic warmup and breathing techniques
- an overview of a cappella music and different types in the American tradition

    A recording device is strongly recommended (iPhone, Android, Tascam, Dictaphone, etc.). Pencil or pen.