Rick Quisol


$ 180.00

Ukulele 3 for Singers with Rick Quisol

This class will meet in person at Louisville Folk School

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic ukulele chords in first position and ability to strum chords in time.

To get the most of this course, you should expect to practice outside of class 15 minutes a day minimum.

In this class you will learn to sing and play ukulele at the same time; the ukulele is a pleasant accompaniment for singers because of its soft volume and easy manner. There’s a romance and intimacy with playing a smaller instrument while you perform, and a novelty factor in its sound. You will learn folk songs, country, blues, and jazz standards.

You will learn to: ­

  • Find your key for singing, and transpose your favorite songs into your key. ­
  • Customize songs to fit your vocal range. ­
  • Classic chord patterns and formulas. ­
  • "Second Position" chords.
  • Basic Music Theory.
  • Ways to reharmonize songs to make them more interesting. ­
  • Learn basic “turn arounds”. ­

Open to ages 12 to adult.