Women's Singing 2

Julia Purcell

Women's Singing 2

$ 165.00

Women’s Singing 2 with Julia Purcell 

Seven week course, beginning October 25.

This course is for women who’ve had previous experience with singing and who
wish to deepen their capacity for strong and beautiful singing. Our focus in class
will be on strengthening our voices, broadening our ranges, and feeling more
confident singing in harmony. We will explore a diverse and wide range of
genres within the folk tradition, including:

  • Appalachian ballads
  • Appalachian Dance songs
  • Southern Gospel
  • Bluegrass songs

Students will learn:

  • Intermediate music theory
  • Healthy singing techniques
  • Breathing exercises
  • New repertoire of songs
  • Valuable resources for further study

Instrumental competence not necessary for this course.
Recommended prerequisite: any Louisville Folk School voice class or other
ensemble singing experience.

Open to ages 15 and up