Workshop: Modal Tunes on Fiddle & Mandolin (May 30)

Matt Brown

Workshop: Modal Tunes on Fiddle & Mandolin (May 30)

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This workshop has both online and in-person sections. Please choose whether you want to join in the classroom or virtually via Zoom using the options above.

What do "Old Joe Clark," "Brushy Fork of John's Creek," "Cluck Old Hen," and "Squirrel Hunters" have in common? They are all modal tunes! In this workshop, fiddlers and mandolinists will learn what "modal" means in old-time music, what makes modal melodies so alluring, and how to play a couple of them. We will also discuss the chords that go with the tunes we learn. The repertoire will be taught by ear. This intermediate/advanced workshop happens twice; different tunes are taught each time, so feel free to take it both times!

The workshop will be recorded on Zoom and available to stream on-demand even after the session has ended.

Open to ages 12 and up