World Winds Tour

Gregory Acker

World Winds Tour

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World Winds Tour with Gregory Acker

This class will meet offsite, in person.

Are you a flute or sax player (or other woodwinds) who wants to delve into world music
traditions and improvisation? Would you like to develop your ability to play in group jazz or world music settings? Do you want to learn to play (and in some cases, build yourself) different types of world wind instruments (digeridoo, panpipes, bamboo-style flutes)?

lfs world wind tour.mp4 from Gregory Acker on Vimeo.

Join the World Wind Tour at the Sundial Studio in downtown Louisville (personal residence). 


Gregory Acker is a teaching and performing artist who plays multiple woodwinds and percussion instruments. He performs with the Andean fusion group Yapa, and also with Kuvebo West African Drum & Dance. With a classical and jazz flute background, including early jazz studies with Jamey Aebersold and flute lessons with Francis Fuge (LO), he branched into saxophone playing in jazz bands at Oberlin College, studying with Floyd “Candy” Johnson and Wendell Logan. After college, he joined the Peace Corps for two assignments (Morocco and Togo), which inspired him to develop music in community settings back home, to learn to build homemade instruments, and to delve further into the “world winds.” The journey (including study-tours in Kerala, South India and Java and Bali, Indonesia), eventually led to an MA in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University (CT), as a graduate assistant and beginning flute instructor for Tanjore Viswanathan (South Indian flute) and Pak I.M. Harjito (Javanese suling). In addition to flute and alto flute, he plays saxes ranging from bari to soprano (with a fun stop at C-melody along the way), digeridoos, bamboo flutes, and panpipes.