Instructor: Esmilda Galano Navarro

My name is Esmilda Galano Navarro, I was born in Havana, Cuba. I have loved to dance since I was little and I enrolled in Classical Ballet. This practice contributed a lot to my physical and mental preparation because it takes a lot of perseverance and discipline.
Later I practiced contemporary dance and this continued to enrich my life, since I had a lot of opportunities for improvisation, thus developing my creativity. I have had the opportunity to give dance classes in Spain, Italy, Poland, and here in the United States.
I want to teach Afro-Cuban dance in this school because I think it is important to maintain the African heritage that gives us so much cultural and spiritual wealth.
I am a student of Kpanlogo with Angela in this school and it has been a very enriching experience. I dare to say that it is changing my life for the better, in many aspects, and with the opportunity to teach Afro-Cuban dance classes, it is a very nice combination and interesting.
Cuban religious syncretism is part of our culture, this means that so that Africans could preserve their religion, the saints of the Catholic religion were named after the saints of the African religion. They did this in order to continue with their traditions, which gave them so much protection.
The dances I want to teach are the following:
  • Yemaya (ruling virgin), Owner of the Sea
  • Oshun (Copper Charity) Owner of the River
  • Shango (Santa Barbara) Justice, thunder, fire
  • Obbatala (Virgen de las Mercedes) Creator of the earth and sculptor of the human being.
I studied Library Science and Information Sciences at the University of Havana and Historical Archives at the Friends of the Country Economic Society in Spain, this also contributed a lot to my cultural preparation and understanding more about the African culture that fascinates me so much. I currently work at JCPS as an ESL teacher, I really like my job. Thank you!!!!!

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