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Explore the Exciting Kids Classes at Louisville Folk School
Ignite Your Child's Passion for Music and Creativity!

At Louisville Folk School, we offer a variety of engaging and fun kids classes designed to foster a love for music and ignite creativity in children. Our experienced instructors create a supportive and interactive environment where children can learn, grow, and have a blast while exploring their musical interests. Check out some of our exciting group classes below. If your child is too young for the group class they desire, sign them up for some private lessons to get started one-on-one!

Singing for Kids (Grades 3-8) — $130 
Let your child's voice shine in our Singing for Kids class! This class is perfect for children who love to sing and want to improve their vocal skills. Through fun vocal exercises, breathing techniques, and group performances, children will develop their singing abilities while gaining confidence in their voice.

Guitar for Kids (Grades 3-6) — $130
In our Guitar for Kids class, children in grades 3-6 will learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. They'll discover various chords, strumming patterns, and basic music theory. With the guidance of our skilled instructors, children will develop the necessary skills to play their favorite songs and even create their own music.

Ukulele for Kids (Grades 3-6) — $130
Introduce your child to the delightful sound of the ukulele! In this class, children in grades 3-6 will learn how to play this fun and versatile instrument. They'll explore chords, melodies, and rhythms while playing popular songs. The ukulele is a fantastic instrument for beginners and provides a great foundation for future musical endeavors.

Kids Ensemble (Grades 4-8) — $130
Our Kids Ensemble class is perfect for children who want to experience the joy of making music together. In this class, children will have the opportunity to play and perform with others in a supportive group setting. They'll develop teamwork skills, learn how to listen and blend with other musicians, and gain valuable stage experience.

Why Choose Louisville Folk School for Kids Classes?

  • Empathetic and passionate instructors
  • Interactive and engaging learning environment
  • Opportunities for group performances and collaborations
  • Safe and supportive atmosphere for children of all skill levels
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Don't miss out on the opportunity to ignite your child's passion for music and creativity with our kids classes at Louisville Folk School. Spaces fill up quickly, so secure your child's spot today!

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