Shady Grove 2023

A Summer of Music and Art at Douglass Community Center with Louisville Folk School           

This summer, the Douglass Community Center (DCC) was transformed into a hub of creativity and community spirit, thanks to the "Young Folks: music+art Teen Summer Program" facilitated by Louisville Folk School. From June 12 to August 5, 2023, the center offered a variety of engaging classes and events for local teens.

The program, co-led by Dave Howard, Founder and Executive Director of Louisville Folk School, and Angela Scharfenberger, was a testament to the power of collaboration and passion for folk arts. Together, they curated a diverse range of evening classes for teens, including African Drums, Rag Rug Weaving, DJ Basics, Guitar, Beat Lab, and Ceramics. These classes drew in a vibrant group of students, all keen to delve into the rich world of folk arts.

One of the program's highlights was the Shady Grove Summer Stage concert series at Douglass Park. Held over four Saturdays in July and August, this series presented an expansive variety of folk music from 3-6 pm. The line-up ranged from traditional Kentucky Bluegrass and improvisational rock to a plethora of international music genres, providing a unique concert experience in the Highlands Douglass neighborhood.

The success of this summer program was a collective achievement, supported by the Office for SAFE AND HEALTHY NEIGHBORHOODS, Louisville Parks and Recreation, KY Arts Council, The IBMA Foundation, Music Go Round, Monnik Beer Co., and the dedicated team at Louisville Folk School. These events fostered not only learning and skill development but also nurtured a sense of belonging and community among the participants.

The program gained notable media attention, including a feature by Louisville Public Media. 

You can watch a full concert video of Houseplant performing at Shady Grove here: