Continuing Gyil (Ghanaian Xylophone)

Angela Scharfenberger

Continuing Gyil (Ghanaian Xylophone)

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Continuing Gyil with Angela Scharfenberger

Gyil is a gorgeous pentatonic instrument indigenous to northern Ghana and Burkina Faso. The patterns are cyclical, with emerging complex polyrhythms and interlocking polyrhythmic melodies. The sound of the gyil is truly mesmerizing! My first teacher was Sowah Mensah (who had his made in C pentatonic) (1994-1998). I also studied under Bernard Woma in Bloomington (2007 - 2011), at the Dagaara Music Center outside of Accra (2012), and with Aaron Bebe Sekura at the University of Ghana in Legon (2006).
Here's a video of the last time I hosted Bernard in Louisville. Bernard passed away in 2018 and has since been inducted into the Percussive Arts Society's Hall of Fame:

The class is limited to four students; progress will require a minimum of 1-3 hours of practice between classes.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Gyil (Ghanaian Xylophone)

Questions? Please reach out to Angela.

This is an adult class open to students aged 13 and up.